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Welcome to the website of LM Church in Herning

We want to be a church for everyone who wants to get to know Jesus better. We are a church with people of all ages, with different backgrounds and different interests, where there is also room for you.

If you want to meet us, come along to a church service Sunday morning at 10.30 at Godthåbsvej 23 in Herning. You are also welcome to contact the pastor of the church, if you would like to hear more about us ( or 29 91 27 25).

We are an Evangelical Lutheran free congregation and are part of the Lutheran Mission in Denmark.

We trust in the Bible as Gods infallible word. And We believe that the purpose of the Bible is to lead us to Jesus, who died and rose again for the sins of all people to save us from eternal perdition and to give us eternal life with God through faith in Christ. Therefore we want to preach the message of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

We gather the whole family around the service with sermon, devotion for the children, praise, prayer and communion.

We have activities and communities for children, young people and adults and the more mature throughout the week.

We are a recognized religious community with the right to marry in accordance with Danish law.

We hope to see you and welcome you among us!


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